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Effective Representation for Copyright Infringement Issues with Outlinked Articles

We recently represented a prominent search portal site in a significant case involving copyright infringement allegations. The site had displayed photographs, titles, and summaries of various article from other media outlets and linked them to the respective media outlets. This resulted in a cease-and-desist order and a claim for damages from one of the media outlets.

The legal landscape surrounding outlinks has undergone recent developments, warranting careful attention. While the Supreme Court previously held that deep linking or direct linking does not constitute reproduction and transmission under copyright law, as it merely denotes the web location or path of the work, it is crucial to note that a recent Supreme Court en banc ruling established that individuals who provide links to unauthorized content can be held liable as accomplices to the infringement of the copyright.

Drawing upon our extensive experience in intellectual property law, we responded to this copyright infringement risk promptly. Through a meticulous analysis of our clients’ potential copyright infringement and a deep understanding of the evolving legal precedents, we crafted a strategic approach tailored to protect our clients’ rights and interests.

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