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Legal advice on collection, use, and processing of resident registration numbers for insurance information inquiry

Startups that provide services that allow individuals to claim insurance premiums that they have not been able to claim, must (1) log in to the National Tax Service website (requires entering a resident registration number) and receive the information reported to the National Tax Service at the time of year-end tax settlement. and (2) log in to the Korea Credit Information Service (requires entering a resident registration number) to check the medical expenses. In the process above, the startup is likely to process the resident registration number of its members. There is a possibility of violating the Personal Information Protection Act in the process of processing the resident registration number. D’LIGH Law Group provided advice on processing resident registration numbers. (1) whether the above startup is regarded as an agent of the information subject and collected resident registration number can be interpreted as that the information subject party holds and processes their own information, rather than simply processing the resident registration number by the startup, (2) if it is illegal to collect and provide services by collecting resident registration numbers.