About Us



Since 2017

With our expertise and dedication, we assist the clients to expand the frontiers of innovation.
We also believe in creating and practicing shared values for social change.

We were founded in 2017 by lawyers from top law firms with extensive experience in the Court,
as well as multi-national and large domestic companies. From the start, we have prioritized pro bono work
while growing alongside our clients by providing innovative legal services.


We create opportunities for growth and innovation for our clients

Amidst fast-changing market conditions, we have cultivated our international legal services and deep industrial insight to create growth opportunities for our innovative clients. We pride ourselves in our helping our clients beyond the role of legal counselors.


We tackle all your legal challenges with urgency and dedication

We collaborate with experts in various fields within and outside of Korea, using flexible communication tools to provide client-oriented legal services unbound from time zones or geography.


We partner with clients
for global sucess

In this intensely competitive world,
we grow as our clients grow as
their preferred legal partners.