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When D’LIGHT Law Group was founded, we located ourselves at D.CAMP, known to be the “holy land” of Korean startups, with the aim of building a healthy and sustainable startup ecosystem. We provide three levels of legal services customized according to the growth stage of each startup. For the first stage early startups, we provide free legal lectures and mentoring. For the second stage startups that received angel or seed investments, we provide legal advice focused on further stabilizing their business. For third stage startups that have received series investments, we provide general corporate, M&A, and exit strategy counsel to further facilitate their growth. Startup companies experience similar legal issues to those of mid-sized or large-sized companies. To address these legal issues, startup companies must have access to reliable legal advice during all their stages: from their establishment, protection of intellectual property rights, labor issues during operation, through to legal issues during investment negotiations. Based on our experience in dealing with legal issues for companies of various sizes, we provide customized advice for startup companies. By leveraging our understanding and experience in each startup’s specific industry, we aim to provide cost-effective legal advice from the perspective of investors and the startup. Finally, we work with organizations like D.CAMP, Korea Angel Investment Association, Wadiz, MYSC, Fast Five, and Dream Plus to ensure a healthy ecosystem for startups.

Practice Group

D’LIGHT Law Group’s created the Startup/VC Practice Group to quickly attend to the legal demands of startup companies. Based on our experience working with many different companies, large and small, we provide customized legal services to budding startups as well as in-company ventures. Additionally, we provide a sample “Articles of Incorporation for Startups/Online Contract services” through our website ( This service, avail for a fixed price, provides drafting and reviewing of articles of incorporation, industry agreements (shareholder agreements), stock option agreements, and new share purchase agreements (investment agreements). The service provides efficient, high-quality legal services for startup members. By leveraging our understanding and experience in various industries, we aim to proactively provide timely and cost-efficient legal advice from the perspective of investors and startups through our Office Hour and Hot Line services.

Key Business Contents

주요 업무 내용

Advice on the establishment of startups

• Consult on partnership agreements and stock options

• Step-by-step advice on Seed, Series A, B, and C investments

• Advice on relevant contracts, such as product and service launches, sales/distribution exports, etc.

• Consult on overseas expansion by startups

• Advice on the operation, including personnel/labor issues

• Advice on securing and exercising intellectual property rights, and on technology transfer

• Consult on terms and conditions concerning collection and management of personal information and internal policies

• Consult on start-up government support programs, namely the TIPS Program

• Advice on other issues regarding startups and in-company ventures, spin-offs

Contact Attorneys

담당변호사 및 연락처

Our Startup/VC Practice Group lawyers include Woh H. Cho, Jae Wook Choi, Yong Ha Kim, Sun Hee Cho, Jae Seok Yang, Jong Dae Jung, Young Jae Choi, Dong Hwan Kim, Hee Chul An, Min Kyung Kang, Songwook Kang, Na Yun Kim, Minhye Kim, Junnyun Kim, Jung Hyun Park, Jeong Hwa Jang, Hyunji Jang, Jay Shin, Han Sung Kang, and Raeyi Kang. If you would like to request legal advice from our Startup/VC Practice Group lawyers, please contact us below any time. 

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