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Our corporation has accumulated a high level of expertise in providing legal advising services regarding real estate and construction sectors through our extensive experience in dispute procedures, namely lawsuits against various real estate development companies and construction companies. In addition, our lawyers offer practical solutions that protect our customers’ interests in complex legal issues regarding redevelopment, construction, small-scale construction, and street housing maintenance projects.

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Key Business Contents

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• Consult on and litigation concerning domestic and international real estate development

• Consult on and litigation regarding real estate development-related PF

• Consult on and litigation concerning compensation of loss from real estate development

• Advise on and litigation regarding the disposal of real estate

• Consult on and litigation concerning redevelopment and construction project

• Advise on and litigation related to environmental rights violations

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Our Real Estate/Construction Practice Group lawyers include Woh H. Cho, Yun Hyun Cho, Sung Hyon Min, Yong Hyeok Kim, Sun Hee Cho, Young Jae Choi, Hyeon Jin Ji, and Hee Chul An. If you would like to request legal advice from our Real Estate/Construction Practice Group lawyers, please contact us below any time.

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