Intellectual Property


In this current Fourth Industrial Revolution, technological convergence is actively changing and developing more than ever. New types of intellectual property rights are constantly created due to the accelerated and diverse developments in technology, and how companies manage and utilize these intellectual property rights have become a significant part of company business models. Our Intellectual Property (IP) Practice Group is led by a former IP practice partner at Bae, Kim & Lee, and directs a team of experts from diverse fields of the technology industry. Based on our experience in IP law and our extensive background in these fields, we advise clients with an omnidirectional perspective on all phases of IP management, operation, and transaction. We provide specialized expert advice on technology owned and operated by ICT, IoT, entertainment (games, webtoons, etc.), healthcare (pharmaceutical, biotech), O2O, blockchain, mobility, drone, VR/AR, and other types of industries where startup companies are leading the market development. We also assist clients to systematically protect their intellectual property that is not patented or legally protected, to prevent employees or competitors attempting to improperly divulge or expropriate it. Furthermore, we provide customized, step-by-step solutions for clients seeking to reclaim or secure their intellectual property rights against those who have duplicated or otherwise illegally used the client’s intellectual property or products.

Key Business Contents

• Represent clients in litigation, and provide legal advice regarding copyright infringement
• Advise clients on preemptive measures, and represent clients in civil and criminal litigation against trade secret infringement
• Represent clients in trademark and design rights infringement litigation, as well as providing related legal advice
• Consult clients on copyright contract negotiations and disputes
• Consult clients on IP licensing/transactions (namely for technology transfer, technical consulting or alliance, joint R&D process, etc.)
• Advise on IP issues during corporate acquisition, merger, liquidation, and other types of company restructuring
• Advise clients on employee inventions and proprietary rights
• Provide comprehensive consultation regarding other types of IP rights


Our IP Practice Group lawyers include Woh H. Cho, Sung Hyon Min, Yong Ha Kim, Sun Hee Cho, Jae Seok Yang, Iris Hwang, Dong Hwan Kim, Hee Chul An, Hyun Ji Jang, and Kyoung Min Pyo. If you would like to request legal advice from our IP Practice Group lawyers, please contact us at any time.
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