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The Human Resource field is an area where various forms of conflict occur across all industries, not just in certain industries, whose issues arise across civil, criminal, and administrative areas. Therefore, preventative measures from the disputes in advance are essential, yet once a dispute occurs, it is necessary to analyze the issue quickly and set the direction of response. D’LIGHT Law Group has provided various human resources/labor solutions to establish and improve legal and stable human resources systems from start-ups to conglomerates. We have contributed to stable corporate growth by preparing the best response to unexpected human resources issues.
Our Human Resource Practice Group is comprised of lawyers who have long experience from law firms, agencies, and companies, who provide professional service with their wealth of knowledge from traditional manufacturers, high-tech firms, research firms, aviation to content companies. With a high understanding and expertise of relevant laws, we provide advice against legal risks in the human resources/labor sector and help a reasonable and effective end to issues or disputes

Key Business Contents

• Preparation and maintenance of various contracts in the human resource sector, such as labor contracts,
     executive contracts, stock option contracts, etc.
• Preparation and maintenance of employment rules and various personnel-related regulations
• Advisory on various personnel disposition, such as disciplinary action, for employees
• Various compliance monitoring services for investigation of misconduct and legal processing, etc.
• Response to infringement of industrial technology and trade secrets
• Review of human resource issues related to corporate restructuring
• Establishment and operation of the labor-management consultative council, and various legal services on labor
     union issues
• Response to various disputes and administrative disposition of related agencies, such as the Ministry of Employment and Labor and the Labor Committee
• Response to various lawsuits related to human resources

Contact Attorneys

Please contact YWoh H. Cho, Jae Wook Choi, Yong Hyeok Kim, Sun Hee Cho, Young Jae Choi, Hyeon Jin Ji, and Songwook Kang for any inquiries regarding our Human Resource Practices.

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