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Our lawyers are armed with science and engineering backgrounds and have extensive knowledge and experience in the ICT industry. Our lawyers provide expert advice on various legal issues that typically occur in the ICT industry as it relates to intellectual property rights, the Unfair Competition Prevention Act, the Information and Communication Network Act, and the Fair Trade Act.

AI is already being used in a variety of ways in our daily lives, through self-driving cars, customized advertisements, facial recognition, language translation, and automated document preparation and review. We expect AI’s scope and role in our daily lives to continue expanding and revolutionizing everyone’s lifestyle, work style, and day to day safety. However, the legal infrastructure is still tied to the old technology and systems, and developments concerning AI are in its infancy and currently insufficient to address the potential issues. Additionally, companies using AI technology are facing various legal issues concerning government licensing to use AI technology, the lawful collection and use of data for AI machine learning, and the rights and ownership of AI intellectual property. There are also new legal concerns regarding civil and criminal liability for events occurring due to AI decision-making algorithms. Based on our expertise, we are a strong guide for our clients in the AI industry, providing risk management measures, seeking solutions to disputes, and more.

Practice Group

D’LIGHT’s ICT / AI Practice Group proactively responds to various legal issues in the ICT and AI industry with customized legal advice through in-depth communication to meet our client’s level of understanding, and based on this experience our lawyers have published a guide on the industry trends (“Global Legal Insights to: AI, Machine Learning & Big Data 2020 Korea Edition”) detailing our understanding and vision of the AI industry.

Key Business Contents

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• Consultation on various regulatory issued facing ICT startups

• Consultation on contracts related to ICT

• Consultation on consignment of software production

• Advising on regulations in the AI industry

• Analyzing of legal trends in the Korean AI industry

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Please contact Woh H. Cho, Sung Hyon Min, Dong Hwan Kim, Kyoung Jong Roh, Hyeon Jin Ji, Hee Chul An, Min Kyung Kang, Songwook Kang, Hye In Lee, Han Sung Kang, Raeyi Kang for any inquiries concerning our ICT/AI Practice Group.

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