The “Healthcare Practice Group” of DLG Law Corporation provides specialized services tailored to the unique needs of clients in the pharmaceutical, biotech, digital healthcare, medical institutions, health functional food, cosmetics, and pet industries. Leveraging extensive knowledge and experience in life sciences and startup ecosystems, our team offers comprehensive legal services across all areas, including intellectual property rights, industry-specific permits and regulations, personal data protection, fair trade, and corporate affairs. Our “Healthcare Practice Group” comprises members with diverse backgrounds and expertise, including those with unparalleled experience in licensing in the pharmaceutical field, individuals who majored in life sciences at prestigious universities both domestically and internationally, members with experience in legal review and administrative disposition at regulatory agencies, specialists dedicated to providing legal advice for medical institutions, and members who have handled numerous regulatory-related criminal and administrative litigations. Additionally, our team includes members who have led establishment and research and development projects for local subsidiaries in the Americas and Europe. With a deep understanding of the global healthcare industry ecosystem, efficient communication, problem-solving focused on customer needs, and synergy through collaboration among team members, we support innovation in the healthcare industry sector.

Key Business Contents

•  New drugs, bioequivalent drug products, raw materials, advanced biomedicine (cell therapy, gene therapy, tissue engineering drugs), microbiome, etc.
•  Innovative solutions for medical institutions, such as medical big data, AI, electronic medical records (EMR) and patient information (CRM), fitness and wellness applications, etc.
•  Operation of healthcare institutions, chronic disease care services, customized health functional foods, and cosmetics.
• Veterinary drugs and medical devices for animals, animal hospitals and veterinarians, pet care applications, feed, etc.
• Filing and protection of intellectual property rights such as substances, technology, know-how, data, pipelines, etc.
• Responding to claims of third-party intellectual property infringement and resolving disputes.
• Advising on licensing, assignment, joint research and development, and contract-related matters.
• Drafting documents for preclinical and clinical trial contracts and consent forms.
• Formulating patent and regulatory strategies related to the drug approval-patent linkage system.
• Advising on business-specific and item-specific permits for manufacturing, import, and sale.
• Advising on compliance with healthcare laws and regulations for applications or business models.
• Advising on compliance with personal data protection laws for the utilization of healthcare data.
• Advising on compliance with fair trade laws regarding product distribution, sale, marketing, labeling, and advertising.
• Representing clients in administrative and criminal proceedings in the healthcare field.
• Advising on investment, governance structure, and M&A for early-stage startups and pre-IPO ventures.
• Advising on open innovation between technology startups and mature companies.
• Advising on overseas expansion and establishment of joint ventures in countries such as the United States, China, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Latin America.
• Providing comprehensive legal advice on contract management, HR, environment, crisis management, and dispute resolution.


Please contact Woh H. Cho, Yong Ha Kim, Yong Hyeok Kim, Young Jae Choi for any inquiries concerning our Healthcare Practice Group.