The FinTech industry is a key driver of the Fourth Industrial Revolution that is gaining worldwide momentum. D’LIGHT has grown into a new powerhouse within the FinTech industry, as our lawyers have accumulated in-depth experiences in the electronic banking sector which is creating new FinTech every day.

While staying current with this trend, we provide creative and efficient legal services to our clients, and support clients to adapt to FinTech business models within the traditional, as well as the modern financial sectors (i.e., Blockchain, E-commerce, personal information/data privacy, and platform economy businesses). We explore how the laws and regulations permit new financial techniques, share innovative ideas to overcome regulatory issues, and provide practical solutions to our clients. We also successfully resolve disputes and lawsuits regarding financial products.

Practice Group

Key Business Contents

Key Business Contents

• Consulting on various financial regulations of FinTech BMS

• Counseling on regulatory sandboxes (Special Act on Financial Innovation Support, etc.)

• Advising on licensing and reporting under the Capital Markets Act

• Consulting on issues related to electronic financial transactions

• Counseling on foreign exchange transaction reporting and filing compliance

• Consulting on banking and the insurance business law

• Consulting on legal issues related to virtual assets and the Special Financial Information Act

• Consulting on managing personal and credit information

• Advising on M&As and the overseas expansion of FinTech companies

Contact Attorneys

Contact Attorneys

Please contact Woh H. Cho, Sung Hyon Min, Jae Seok Yang, Dong Hwan Kim, Hee Chul An, Min Kyung Kang, Songwook Kang, Na Yun Kim, Jung Hyun Park, Jae Hoon Shin, and Jeong Hwa Jang for any inquiries regarding our FinTech Practices for any inquiries related to our FinTech Practices Group.

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