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D’LIGHT consults clients on various transactions and litigations in the energy industry, with our understanding of alternative energy technology, climate change, and other environmental concerns. Even before the nuclear phase-out policy was announced by the Korean government, we have been researching renewable energy and working with industry leaders to introduce a new era of energy use in Korea. For example, as legal advisors, we have helped businesses in the renewable energy sector to secure intellectual property rights and navigate the regulatory environment.

Korea’s environmental regulations are rapidly expanding and developing in content and scope to keep pace with new environmental issues and international movements (for example, fine dust, radon, microplastics) for environmental preservation. Newly emerging eco-friendly business models and existing business models must adapt to successfully address various environmental and legal risks. D’LIGHT provides legal advice that effectively tackles to environmental risks to according to each business’s unique situation.

Practice Group

The Practice Group has a comprehensive understanding of the industry due to their varied work experience, including leading litigations against the Korea Electric Power Corp., as well as other civil and criminal lawsuits related to industrial technology violations.

Our lawyers have provided advice on energy demand management projects and new business models that require efficient usage of renewable energy, as well as on installing and operating industrial facilities that may negatively affect the environment under the Chemicals Control Act and the Chemicals Registration and Evaluation Act. Our lawyers have conducted administrative litigations related to licensing and licensing procedures for the waste treatment business.

Our Energy/Environment Practice Group lawyers, who have studied natural sciences and biotechnology, have chosen to specialize in the energy and environment sector to offer actionable solutions addressing multitude of legal issues in the industry.

Key Business Contents

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• Consulting on various regulations and policies regarding energy, renewable energy, etc.

• Consulting on financing and business structures related to renewable energy projects

• Drafting and negotiating various contracts regarding the energy business, including M&As

• Advising on power transactions, such as demand response resource (DR) management

• Advising on regulations concerning the establishment and operation of power plants

• Consultation related to the installation and operation of waste management facilities, industrial facilities, livestock farms, etc.

• Advising on corporate and regulatory affairs of Energy Companies

Contact Attorneys

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Please contact Byung Joo Lee, Yun Hyun Cho, Sun Hee Cho, Young Jae Choi, and Hye In Lee  for any inquiries concerning our Energy/Environment Practice Group.

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