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The Agriculture and Food and Beverage (F&B) sectors are the primary, fundamental industry sectors. According to TechCrunch, their global market is worth $8 Trillion, which is larger than the automobile and IT industries combined.

Investments in these sectors are increasing, as new innovations – such as smart farms, alternative meat, and genetic modifications – lead to a revitalization. The amount of global investments in the agricultural sector alone continues to grow well into the 21st century. Korea is also seeing an increased interest in both large agri-food companies, as well as agri-food startups. However, these sectors are heavily regulated with strict legal oversight, specifically the Food Sanitation Act.

D’LIGHT provides expert legal advice based on our extensive network and practical experience in the agriculture and F&B sectors. We primarily provide legal advice on regulatory and dispute settlement, as well as the establishment, investment, operation, M&A, establishment of JVs, leasing and licensing of startups in these sectors.

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Key Business Contents

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• Consultation on agricultural and F&B licensing and leasing work

• Advising on and responding to administrative dispositions concerning legal issues, primarily over labeling and advertising of food standards and specifications.

• Consultation and litigation concerning the Plant New Variety Protection Act

• M&A and investment advice for agricultural and F&B companies

• Consultation and litigation related to R&D of agricultural and F&B companies

• Consultation on overseas expansion of agricultural and F&B companies

• Other advice and litigations specific to agriculture and F&B sectors

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Please contact Jae Wook Choi and Gibbum Kwak with any inquiries concerning our Agriculture/F&B Practice.

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