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윤석빈 수석
윤석빈 수석

Yoon, Seok Bin

Senior Consultant

Senior Consultant

  • T. 02-2051-1870
  • E. sby@dlightlaw.com


IT, Blockchain, Big Data


Yoon, Seok Bin has worked as a system and software consultant in various major IT corporations including Epson Korea, IBM Korea, and Oracle Korea. Mr. Yoon has extensive working level experience in IT fields in various industries such as finance, public service, manufacturing, and startups. Mr. Yoon is well-equipped to provide his strategic support know-how to create value for clients by providing his great insight on emerging technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution from his 22 years of abundant experience in various IT fields. Mr. Yoon focuses on providing consulting services to assist clients to implement AI, big data, blockchain, cloud computing, IoT and other various emerging technology to their business fields. Further, Mr. Yoon is currently serving as the president of Open Blockchain Forum, the open innovation forum that is consisted with various business model analysists, blockchain architects, and developers. At D’LIGHT, Mr. Yoon serves as the senior consultant providing technical consulting and support in the field of blockchain, big data and other emerging technologies.


  • 1997-2004


  • 2006-2013

IBM Korea

  • 2013-2015

Oracle Korea

  • 2018-Present

Open Blockchain Forum President

Senior Consultant, D’LIGHT Law Group

  • 2019-Present

Professor, Sogang University Intelligent Blockchain R&D Center

  • 2019-Present​

Open Blockchain Forum President


  • 1996

B.S., Chemical Engineering Department, Sogang Univ., Seoul, South Korea


Korean and English