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김용혁 변호사
김용혁 변호사

Kim, Yong Hyeok



Yonghyuk Kim, a lawyer with a master’s degree in logistics and a logistics manager license, has performed various legal tasks based on his expertise in Supply Chain Management (SCM), mobility, and distribution industries. In particular, he has provided a wide range of legal advice on various contracts and disputes for SCM and mobility customers. He has performed various tasks such as reviewing regulatory conformity for new businesses in the ever-changing mobility field and advising on regulatory sandbox. He is also active in the public interest field. He has been conducting various studies for the promotion of human rights of the disabled and immigrants in cooperation with the National Human Rights Commission and the Central Disability Advocacy Agency. He has published a number of papers, including employment, education, etc. He has been fighting for the disabled and children who suffer from discrimination and has provided legal advice for various non-profit organizations.


  • 2005-2008
Member, Good Neighbors (NGO)
  • 2012-2017
Associate, Jungpyeong Law Group
  • 2014-present
Legal Counsel, Human Rights Institute for People with Disabilities
Member, Seoul National University, Social Security Law Research Institute
Member, Korea Logistics Society
  • 2016
Seoul Bar Association, Distinctive Recognition Award
  • 2015-2016
Lecturer, Seoul National University, Law School
  • 2017-present
Partner, D’LIGHT Law Group
  • 2018-2020
Legal advisor, Seoul Metropolitan Council
Legal Advisor, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology AXEL Center
  • 2021-current

Expert member of the Korea Institute of Land, Infrastructure and Transport’s Digital Logistics Service Assistance Project

  • 2023-current
Expressway Logistics Business Specialist at Korea Expressway Corporation
Member of Bonded Goods Caretaker Examination Board
  • 2024-current

Adjunct Professor (Logistics Law), Youngnam Convergence Technology Campus, Korea Polytechnics University
Vice President of Korean Logistics Administrator Association


  • 2002
Korea University, B.A.
  • 2004
University of Sydney (Sydney, Australia), M.A
  • 2012
Seoul National University, Law School, J.D. (1st Annual Bar Examination)
  • 2018
Inha University, Graduate School of Logistics M.A
  • 이전고시 이후 조합원으로부터 부동산을 양수한 자의 지위 (건설법연구회, 2012)
  • 이주대책대상자 선정기준에 대한 쟁점 (건설법연구회, 2013)
  • 국가자격시험에서 장애인의 정당한 편의제공에 대한 정책모니터링 연구 (공저, 국가인권위원회, 2014)
  • 우생학, 낙태, 모성권, 자기결정권-장애여성의 재생산권 (공저, 강동구, 2014)
  • 업무중 의지가 파손된 자에 대한 요양급여 지급 (판례연구, 2015)
  • 중증장애인 노동권 증진을 위한 실태 조사 (공저, 국가인권위원회, 2015)
  • 지역발달장애인지원센터 운영매뉴얼 개발 연구 (공저, 보건복지부, 2015)
  • 판례평석: 공무원 채용면접절차에서 장애인 편의 미제공에 따른 불합격 처분취소 (서울대사회보장법연구회, 2016)
  • 이용자의 도전적 행동 관련 종사자 인권교육 교재개발 연구 (공저, 보건복지부, 2016)
  • 장애인 학대지표 및 실태조사 도구개발 연구 (공저, 사회복지공동모금회, 2016)
  • 장애인거주시설 무연고사망자 잔여재산 처리 및 장례절차 마련 연구 (공저, 사회복지법제연구, 2017)
  • 염전사건을 통해 본 장애인 학대사건의 효율적 사법지원 방안 (공저, 서울지방변호사회, 2017)
  • 콘텐츠분쟁 판례조사연구 (공저, 한국콘텐츠진흥원, 2018)
  • 항공기 리스에 관한 국내법의 개선방안 연구 (인하대학교, 2018)
  • 장애인 학대사건 법률지원매뉴얼 (공저, 서울시프로보노센터, 2019)


  • 2012
Admitted to bar, Korea
  • 2016
  • 2021

Admitted as Patent Agent, Korea

Certified Logistics Administrator, Korea


Korean and English