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Chung, Won Hyuk

Senior Advisor
CEO, SQLroad

Senior Advisor

  • T. 02-2051-1870


IT, SQL, AI, Big Data


Chung, Won Hyuk has gained experience as a technical engineer, developer, and consultant at major tech companies such as Microsoft, Sequelo, and Dplus. Mr. Chung is one of Korea’s leading experts in database and Structured Quert Language (SQL), and serves as the head of top database consulting companies SQLroad and DPlus, advising many government agencies and businesses in data analysis and visualization. Mr. Chung is also exploring the new connectivity and expandability of DB by working on DB performance improvement, big data analysis and visualization, SQL, and PostgreSQL, a new open DB. He actively conducts provides lectures and consults on projects, and is available to assist companies in varying fields, including general IT, DB, BIG Data, and SQL.


  • 1990-1995

dBASE manager, E-Land Co., Ltd.

  • 1995-1997

Microsoft Technical Support, Consulting Business NT and SQL Server Support and Consulting

  • 1997-2013

Microsoft Certified Trainer

  • 2002-2008

Managing Director, Feelanet

  • 2003-2018

Instructor, Korea Data Agency (SQL, Big Data)

  • 2013-2017

Instructor, Yonsei University, University of Business and Economics, Applied Statistics (Data Analysis and Design)

  • 2008-Present

CEO, Senior Consultant, SQLroad

  • 2016-present

CEO, D Plus

  • 2020-present

Senior Advisor, D’LIGHT Law Group


  • 1990

Yonsei University, B.A. in Sociology


Korean and English