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Regardless of industry, companies are concerned about the proper handling and use of personal information. Companies operating globally need to continuously adapt their services to the relevant laws of their various industries, which takes up a vast amount of resources. For example, Korean laws regarding data privacy are continuously updated such that companies doing business in Korea are forced to continuously and actively remain compliant. Additionally, with the revision of the so-called “Big 3 Data Laws”, the distribution and utilization of all data, including personal data, are expected to accelerate. With the inevitable evolution and expansion of the big data industry, apprehensions about potential personal information infringement are also expected to increase. To successfully enter the big data industry in Korea, companies will require a thorough legal review of their systems and processes in place to prevent and address personal information infringement.

Practice Group

We assist our clients to collect and use personal information compliant with the law and assist clients to use their collected personal information in conjunction with other information held by their customers or various third-party sources for sale and circulation whilst complying with the relevant laws and regulations. For clients conducting global businesses, we also provide consulting services on compliance with foreign personal information statutes, including the EU GDPR, personal information collection and management, anonymization of personal information, and response to private information infringement.

Key Business Contents

Key Business Contents

• Advise clients on drafting, posting, and updating their privacy policies and the terms and conditions of location-based services

• Consult on the clients’ compliance with statutes, and the processes for collecting and managing personal data

• Consult on the structure to consign or provide personal information to a third party

• Consult on the requisite response process to a personal information infringement

• Consult on personal information anonymization

• Consult on EU GDPR compliance

• Consult on location information services

Contact Attorneys

Contact Attorneys

Our Privacy/Big Data Practice Group lawyers include Woh H. Cho, Jae Seok Yang, Iris Hwang, Dong Hwan Kim, Hyeon Jin Ji, Hee Chul An, Minhye Kim, Hyunji Jang, Kyoung Min Pyo, and Gibbum Kwak. If you would like to request legal advice from our Privacy/Big Data Practice Group lawyers, please contact us below any time.

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