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In-House Counsel Support Center – The First in Korea

Companies are creating new In-house legal functions of varying sizes, structures, and experience levels in response to the demand for compliance management and to mitigate the legal risk resulting from regulatory infractions or business disputes. With the influx of many new lawyers after Korea implemented the law school system, even SMEs are hiring in-house lawyers. However, due to the short 20-year history of companies’ hiring in-house lawyers, only a few companies have a stable legal team in place, excluding large conglomerate companies. Many companies face a revolving door of professionals, yet lack the system to train or develop their in-house talent. D’LIGHT Law Group launched its In-House Counsel Support Center to help In-House legal teams systematically and tangibly perform their roles, as well as to support individual lawyers working, or intend on working, as In-House lawyers.

The Current State of In-House Law

Non-lawyers in companies who have worked with In-House lawyers complain that lawyers only point out legal arguments and risks. As a result, they allege that In-House lawyers merely delay the planning and execution of business goals, and fail to provide practical solutions that help mitigate the risk in making business decisions. They also complain about the delay in communication, the frequent turnover, and the lawyers’ unwillingness to integrate into the company’s culture.

On the other hand, In-House lawyers protest that their business colleagues lack understanding about the significance of legal risks and frequently ignore legal advice. They also lament that the business colleagues fail to share the rudimentary background knowledge necessary to conduct nuanced legal analyses and seek only simplistic yes or no answers. As such, lawyers find this atmosphere stifling to their growth as professionals.

With this broad gap of understanding and opinion about each others’ role amongst legal and non—legal employees, the company too often finds itself ineffective in anticipating and mitigating legal risks, receiving only a minimal return on its investment from In-House legal services, compounded by the lack of continuity in knowledge due to the lawyers’ turnovers or internal transfers. 

Support Services provided by the In-House Counsel Center

Below are the Support Services provided by the In-House Counsel Center (“IHCC”) to help the In-House legal functions in the context of diverse legal issues they face.
  • Virtual In-House Legal Service:  : To alleviate the difficulty of finding, hiring, and retaining legal specialists, we act as internal lawyers at a greater value than that of the typical retainer services provided by other law firms. We provide lawyers with a minimum of three year’s post-qualification experience to perform typical In-House legal work and they are specifically assigned to a client with the client’s agreement. Once assigned, lawyers communicate directly with business partners in the company, and assist with internal reports and may even conduct presentations. The Virtual In-House Legal Service also helps companies appoint and manage outside counsel for special legal projects, such as litigations and M&As.
      • Remote Support Service: Other than visits for regular reports, Remote Support Service provides continuous legal support through external access to the client company’s internal intranet and other systems, e-mail, conference call, and off-site means.
      • Part-time Secondment: Assigned attorneys provide on-site attendance at a specified time, 1~3 days a week, and perform additional In-House legal services via access to the internal intranet and other systems to complete tasks beyond the Secondment time.
  • In-House Professional Organization Set-up and Training Program Consultation:  : IHCC provides consultations on setting up an organization with the appropriate number of professionals, determining the required qualifications for professionals, and establishing the hiring process. Upon completion of set-up and hiring, IHCC also offers on-the-job training for the new legal hires.
  • In-House Legal System Set-up Service: We provide discounted access to the In-House Legal Management System, as well as a reference database of 200 different types of contracts and litigation templates. We also provide standard internal corporate policies at a discount.

Introduction to the Head of the In-House Counsel Support Center

Hye In Lee, Attorney at Law


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Our In-House Counsel Support Center lawyers include Young Jae Choi, Hee Chul An, Hye In Lee, and Gibbum Kwak. If you would like to request legal advice from our In-House Counsel Support Center lawyers, please contact us below any time.

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