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Domestic industries and companies are constantly developing and attracting global market attention, and they are not limited to traditional industries but are becoming a leader in various fields such as entertainment, technology, healthcare, energy, mobility, etc. As a result, Korean companies entering overseas markets should know various laws and regulations of the target countries to establish a solid foundation for preemptive risk management and rapid growth. On the other hand, foreign companies that want to invest in the Korean market are required to overcome differences in domestic and foreign markets and establish the most ideal business model through a deep understanding of laws and regulations specialized in the industry.
D’LIGHT Law Group has experience in international transactions and compliance in various fields, with lawyers who have been in charge of a wide range of legal affairs at leading domestic and foreign law firms, large corporations, and multinational companies. Through close cooperation among experts, we support smooth market settlement on behalf of various companies entering the country and abroad. As a result, we actively support the expansion of domestic and foreign companies regardless of In-bound and Out-bound based on their outstanding capabilities in M&A, Joint Ventures, investment strategies, and advice. D’LIGHT Law Group also provides advice on various issues related to technology-based companies’ overseas expansion and investment through a deep understanding of licensing process, technology commercialization, and IP disputes. In particular, we provide efficient local legal services by utilizing networks with law firms and tax accounting firms located around the world, including the United States, Japan, China, Singapore, and Europe

Key Business Contents

• Consultation on In-bound and Out-bound investments by domestic and foreign companies
• Advisory on intellectual property rights of domestic and foreign companies, such as technology transfer,
     licensing agreements, and IP disputes
• Establishment of overseas subsidiaries, domestic and foreign joint ventures and support of flip procedures
• Registration and follow-up management of overseas direct investment and foreign direct investment
• Advisory and support on Korean regulations over Korean branches, Asian branches, or headquarters of
     multinational corporations
• Representation of domestic litigation for overseas corporations
• Representation of overseas litigation and arbitration for domestic corporations

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Please contact Woh H. Cho, Iris Hwang, Jong Dae Jung, Hee Chul An, Songwook Kang, Na Yun Kim, Jung Hyun Park, Hye In Lee, Kyoung Min Pyo, Jay Shin, Han Sung Kang, Raeyi Kang, and Gibbum Kwak for any inquiries regarding our Global Business Practices

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