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Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and China in 1992, the two countries have continuously improved their overall social and economic relations through various interactions and cooperations. There have been occasional setbacks due to diplomatic disagreements, but the nations’ mutual efforts have shown promising signs of overcoming disagreements and amending their relationship. Further, China bears a significant role in the Korea-U.S. and South-North Korea relationships, and as such is expected to lead to a closer relationship.

Although neighbors, Korea and China differ greatly, not only in their respective legal systems, but more broadly in their social, cultural, and economic philosophies as well. Companies must understand these differences to effectively analyze the risks and uncertainties of doing business in the other country. For Korean companies, their legal advisors must possess not only deep legal insight, but also business, cultural, and political acumen accumulated through diverse experience on projects in China as well as working with various institutions and regulators to provide effective and practical advice.

D’LIGHT Law Group aims to provide our clients with practical legal advice and strategic counseling with a broad perspective regarding legal, business, cultural, and political analyses. We offer advice on Korean-Chinese M&A, joint venture formation, investment strategy, documentation, and dispute resolution such that clients can execute their business strategy and meet their goals.

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• Establish Korean joint venture companies between Korean and Chinese shareholders

• Establish Chinese joint venture companies between Korean and Chinese shareholders

• Establish Korean subsidiaries for Chinese clients

• Establish Chinese subsidiaries for Korean clients

• Advise on disputes including but not limited to civil and criminal litigation

• Advise on technology licensing and other contracts concerning technology sharing

• Advise Korean companies on various business arrangements in Greater China

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Our China Practice Group lawyers include Yun Hyun Cho and Heechul An. If you would like to request legal advice from our China Practice Group lawyers, please contact us below any time. 

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