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The mobility industry often integrates IT technologies with new modes of service, and many new Startups enter the mobility industry with unique ideas and innovative technologies. However, such unique ideas and technologies often conflict with existing regulations that may result in legal impediments. Therefore, it is important for legal advisors to understand the proposed business model of new services and suggest appropriate alternatives in harmony with existing regulations. Also, it is expected that large companies will invest in promising Startups to increase their market share in this growing industry through M&As, which will require the Startups to work with M&A experts.

The mission for our Mobility Practice Group is to support our clients on the frontier of their industry with our expertise and creative legal solutions. As such, we provide services ranging from advising on new mobility services and compliance with regulations including the Personal Information Protection Act, negotiations of contracts during the business operation, advising on the legal duties and liabilities of mobility operators, and advising on investments and M&A.

Practice Group

D’LIGHT has created the Mobility Practice Group to provide specialized legal services to respond to the growing demand for advice in the mobility sector. We also strive to provide industry-friendly legal advice to the public with leading industry experts by hosting seminars and regularly authoring articles regarding new legal issues in the mobility industry.

Key Business Contents

주요 업무 내용

• Preparing franchise agreements, information disclosure statements, etc. for ride-hailing business to successfully enter the mobility industry as well as consulting on relevant laws
• Consulting luxury ride-hailing businesses regarding the terms and conditions of use, as well as the appropriate collection and use of personal information
• Advising on legal issues regarding commercialization of vehicle sharing businesses
• Consulting on international supply contracts for car-sharing businesses
• Advice on the contracts for developing and supplying car-sharing terminals 

• Reviewing various contracts relating to two-wheeled delivery service and courier services, and consulting on responses to accidents Advising on the legal status of two-wheeled delivery services and courier service
• Advising on the use of personal information to develop new services for delivery service providers
• Consulting on consignment agreements for parking lots
• Consulting on investment contracts for the acquisition of self-driving startups, freight transport corporations, etc.

Contact Attorneys

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Please contact Woh H. Cho, Jae Wook Choi, Yong Hyeok Kim, Jae Seok Yang, Hyeon Jin Ji, Hee Chul An, and Jae Hoon Shin for inquiries concerning our Mobility Practice Group.

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