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The annual amount for mobile and PC e-commerce industry in Korea hit its highest point of 135.26 Trillion Won in 2019 as it increased by 13.5 Trillion Won from 2018. E-commerce consists of non-face-to-face, B2C transactions that is highly regulated by the government to protect consumers’ rights and interests. A successful launch and expansion of an e-commerce require proper legal guidance, especially to address privacy concerns resulting from the mass collection of personal information.

Practice Group

Our lawyers in the E-commerce Practice Group have a deep understanding of the industry and the relevant laws, having worked in large law firms and corporations. Our E-commerce Practice Group analyzes our clients’ business model prior to the launch of their business, provides advice on necessary licenses, provides guidelines that must be implemented to start their business in compliance with the applicable laws and regulation, and helps them prevent and resolve disputes that may arise during the set up and operation.

Key Business Contents

주요 업무 내용

• Consulting on online shopping platform’s terms and conditions and privacy policies

• Consulting on the prevention of IP rights infringement in the online shopping marketplace

• Counseling on compliance with the Electronic Commerce Act/Consumer Protection Act

• Consulting on regulatory issues and structuring an online shopping business

• Counseling on online shopping transaction systems, prepaid electronic payment methods, and other financial systems specific to e-commerce

• Representing clients in online shopping-related commercial dispute resolution

• Representing clients in online shopping-related consumer disputes

Contact Attorneys

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Please contact Won H. Cho, Iris Hwang, Kyoung Min Pyo, Hyunji Jang, and Gibbum Kwak for any inquiries concerning our E-Commerce Practice Group.

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