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Various regulations apply to the aerospace and drone industry as they use 3-dimentional space unlike other vehicles such as cars, trains, and ships. They require large capital investments based on cutting edge technology, such as deep tech, and require financial support from the State, including state-led research projects. The aerospace and drone industry is one of the industries that require companies to collaborate through M&A and PF in order to procure the necessary fund. Companies are advised to obtain various insurances in order to hedge the risks that may arise in the course of their projects. Furthermore, new types of insurances must be developed for drones.

Practice Group

Based on its extensive knowledge and experience in the aerospace and drone industry, D’light Law Group offers industry-wide legal services ranging from company establishment, licensing, assistance of state-led research projects (such as support for bidding procedures with foreign companies under national contract law), individual contracts, dispute resolution, consultation for external capital and M&A. Our Aerospace/Drone Practice Group consists of members with unique experience in aerospace/drone, majored in engineering at prestigious universities, with experience of legal review and administrative disposition in the regulatory body, dealing with a number of regulatory criminal and administrative litigation cases, and have great experience in establishing subsidiaries in the Americas and Europe.

Key Business Contents

주요 업무 내용

• Regulatory advice for companies in the aerospace/drone industry

• Consultation on various contracts such as airplane lease, combined transport, satellite production/launch/supervision

• Consultation on various state-led research projects in the aerospace/drone industry and consultation on bidding procedures under the Act on Contracts to Which the State is a Party

• Consultation on (re)export, launch licenses, etc. related to satellite launch through overseas companies

• Insurance advice for aircraft, satellites, launch vehicles and drones

• Analysis of various legislative support and domestic and international legal trends related to the aerospace/drone industry

• M&A and investment advice related to aerospace/drones

• Resolution to various disputes such as litigation and international arbitration related to aerospace/drones

Contact Attorneys

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Please contact, Yong Hyeok Kim, Jae Seok Yang, Hyeon Jin Ji, Hee Chul An, Na Yun Kim, Jae Hoon Shin, Hyunji Jang, and Han Sung Kang for any inquiries concerning our Aerospace/Drone Practice Group.

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