D LIGHT Consulting

Introduction DL Consulting


Introduction DL Consulting

We strive to help startups that cannot grow merely through ideas and passion. D'LIGHT Consultants (DL Consulting), made up of the top specialists in their field, conduct comprehensive analyses and diagnoses of both external business conditions and internal capabilities of our clients. Based on the assessment, DL Consulting provide unique and innovative "One-Stop" total services for actual results that the clients will experience.

Consulting Practice

U Bio                                                               2020. 11
  • Overseas investment and financing
  • new plant construction (EUGMP, USFDA standards)
  • family business succession advisory
B Bio                                                               2020. 12
  • Corporate investment
  • financing
  • construction of new factories (manufacturing facilities cGMP)
  • corporate-wide advisory including HR and M&A
D CRM                                                              2021. 1
  • Advising companies on changing, managing and tracking communication and internal behavior patterns for companies considering introduction of CRM

In company management, it is important to functionally harmonize and coordinate between overall strategy and specific tactics. DL Consulting believe that this harmonization drives a business' sustainable growth. Just as the smooth operation of the individual areas does not guaranty the overall success of the company, the existence of a broad strategy without the common implementation by individual functions make the achievement of business goals unreachable. This issue applies not only to startups, but commonly to all enterprises, including SME and large corporations.

The Talent Problem

Big business
We need more talented employees!
Look at those big businesses taking all the talented employees.
Start up
Talented employees? We’re dying here.

The Strategy Problem

Big business
Strategy team, devise a plan with McKinsey.
Consulting? We need it, but the cost...
Start up
Consulting? We’re dying here.

The Capital Problem

Big business
We need more investment funds.
What do we do about next month's paycheck?
Start up
The bank? Foreign exchange? We’re dying here.

The Marketing Problem

Big business
Which media should we use to promote?
Why can’t the General Affairs Team Leader do marketing!
Start up
Marketing? We’re dying here.

DL Consulting provides One Stop total services at a reasonable cost that differ from the consultants that provide piecemeal and partial solutions. DL Consulting can also work with the law firm D'LIGHT Law Group notable in the startup sector.

Many consultants provide fragmented, partial advice out of books or limited personal experience. DL Consulting are genuine partners of startups that consist of leading experts in a various fields that consider not only the client and the public interest.